Network Hardware, Software and Components

Procurement, Installation, and Maintenance of All Your Digital Assets

We source, install, setup and maintain all the components of your enterprise network. Be it new devices (computers, printer, moving over to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony) or upgrading your business applications and security software – we manage the entire process for a hassle-free experience.

There is no request to big, small or complicated; we can assist your small or medium-sized business from single to multiple users, on-premises or in the cloud.

Best-of-breed Technology and Expert Guidance

We offer the very best that the industry has to offer at affordable rates through our strategic partnerships.

  • Hardware such as servers, routers, desktops, laptops, tablets
  • Business Processing Software programmes and applications for business processes and online security, on-demand (software-as-a-service)
  • Security Solutions and Software such as Firewalls, Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Ransomware, and anti-spam software
  • Diagnostics and Repairs
  • Cloud Solutions

We can supply according to your request or guide you on the best solutions based on an evaluation of your business IT needs.



What is a network?

A network is created as soon as two or more devices are connected and can communicate with each other.

What is network Infrastructure? 

Network Infrastructure refers to all the hardware and software that make up a network which enables enterprise communication, connectivity, and operations.

Our Partner Alliance

We have formed robust strategic partnerships with the world’s leading hardware and software suppliers allowing us to provide the latest technology and excellent support at affordable rates.

About Dell

“For more than 28 years, Dell has empowered countries, communities, customers and people everywhere to use technology to realise their dreams. Customers trust us to deliver technology solutions that help them do and achieve more, whether they’re at home, work, school or anywhere in their world. Learn more about our story, purpose, and people behind our customer-centric approach.” ~ Dell

About HP

“We are in a multi-year journey to turn HP around, and we have put in place a plan to restore HP to growth. We know where we need to go, and we’re making progress. We continue to drive product innovation in our core markets, with a focus on cloud, security, and big data. We see big opportunities ahead, and we are well positioned to take advantage of these opportunities with our remarkable set of assets and strengths. We have the people, the plan, and the foundation in place to help us succeed on the next phase of the journey.” ~HP

About Attix5


“At our core is a passion for developing world-class data protection software that provides absolute peace of mind to listed Enterprises and SMEs all over the world. The release of our latest offering, Attix5 Pro V7, has firmly placed Attix5 amongst the leaders in the field of Cloud solutions. The irony of the hype surrounding the Cloud is not lost on Attix5 as the product that we started development on in 1999 has always been Cloud-enabled. Our focus will remain on Security, Virtualization and the Cloud. This, combined with our de-duplication technology, and the fact that we use FIPS-compliant Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption for security, ensures that Attix5 can be trusted to provide world-class solutions to our clients.” ~Attix5


About Kaspersky

“Kaspersky Lab delivers OEM and customised solutions for companies interested in integrating our world-class anti-malware technologies. We offer a comprehensive Kaspersky SDK with well-defined APIs and documentation, and integration and support processes. Kaspersky technologies are available for seamless integration or they can be customised to meet your company’s specific needs. Customization possibilities include integration into a wide variety of architectures and platforms, even those running a proprietary OS. Learn today how you can dramatically enhance your current solutions and build YOUR business through a Kaspersky OEM partnership! Today Kaspersky Lab is the leader in the anti-virus technology licensing market with integrations into over 100 most respected security solutions. Become an OEM Partner and take full advantage of our best-in-class antivirus technology.” ~Kaspersky

About AVG

“AVG was founded in 1991 with the express purpose of protecting people around the world using the latest in cutting edge security technologies. AVG gained success quickly and is now recognized as one of the biggest players in the security software market. AVG currently holds corporate offices in Europe such as in The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Cyprus, UK, Germany, France; in the US such as in the Pensacola area in Florida, San Francisco Bay Area in California, Atlanta area in Georgia, Boston area in Massachusetts, Charlotte area in North Carolina; in the Middle East, in Israel; in Asia such as Beijing and Hong Kong in China.

AVG is uniquely positioned to spearhead innovation in the industry thanks to its employing some of the world’s leading experts in software development, threat detection, threat prevention and risk analysis. Not content to rest on its internationally recognised success, AVG continues to invest in R&D, teaming with leading universities to maintain its technological edge. AVG has experienced significant growth in the last few years and continues to expand to address the needs of the global market through improved technology and broader language and platform support. ” ~AVG


About Office 365

“Office 365 is a subscription-based online office and software plus services suite which offers access to various services and software built around the Microsoft Office platform. Serving as a successor to Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Suite, the service was originally designed to provide hosted e-mail, social networking and collaboration, and cloud storage to teams and businesses. As such, it first included hosted versions of Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, Office Web Apps, along with access to the Microsoft Office 2010 desktop applications on the Enterprise plan. With the release of Office 2013, Office 365 expanded to include new plans aimed at different types of businesses, along with new plans aimed at general consumers wanting to use the Office desktop software on a subscription basis.” ~Office 365

About Mimecast

“We take the pain out of handling your organization’s most important data: the information that passes through your email systems. When we started out ten years ago, we saw what others didn’t – that while corporate email was increasingly being used as the primary store for critical business information, it was also becoming more complex; fragmented, less reliable and ever more costly. What had started out as a simple business tool was becoming hard to manage – and creating risk for businesses.” ~Mimecast

The Competitive-Edge Your Business Needs

We stay abreast of the latest technological innovations so that YOUR business remains ahead of the curve.

Technology changes fast. It’s great because there are always better and faster ways to accomplish your tasks. However, many business owners shy away from adopting new technology for this very reason. It can feel like an endless pit of spending!

A small and medium-sized business that wants to take advantage of technology to support their business growth can sometimes overinvest because they don’t want to fall behind.

For the most part, though, the vast majority of business owners hang on to outdated hardware and software thinking that they are saving money –not realising that sluggish computers and buggy software are actually costing their valuable business time. It’s much the same as vehicle maintenance; there comes a time when your car is costing your more on monthly repairs than installments on a new one would.

We will keep your software up-to-date and running smoothly. When it’s time to explore new options, we’ll do all the homework and present the best possible options.

No more endless sifting through countless jargon-riddled literature to try to figure out the way forward.