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Bulk email marketing is one of the most cost-effective online methods for keeping in contact with clients. Thanks in large part to the introduction of spam mailing into our lives, bulk emailing has developed a bit of a bad reputation over the years. However, having said this, it should not be dismissed as the powerful (did we mention cost effective?) marketing tool that it is. If used correctly, bulk emailing can build trust, loyalty and develop your brand name with your clients.

Where Bulk Emailing Goes Wrong

There are certain pitfalls to avoid when companies send out bulk emails. These are some of them:

  • The subject line of your email is the key to your success or failure. Words such as ‘free’, ‘win’ or ‘special offer’ will only serve to alert the firewall and spam police. Once these guys arrive on the scene, your message will be blocked and your email bounced back to you faster than you can blink.
  • Resist the temptation to inundate your message with those graphics you’ve been stockpiling so studiously. Overuse of images will likely result in your message downloading slower, serving only to anger your subscribers.
  • You may have a lot to say, but avoid filling your subscriber’s inboxes with a barrage of messages. Nobody has the time to read it all anymore, and you will most likely just find a lot more of your readers opting out of your mailing list. A carefully constructed email newsletter can get the job done in one swoop, keeping everybody informed and happy.
  • Generating advertising space on your email newsletter is great if you can get it. Overuse of this particular marketing nugget, however, will only distract from your very important message and once again land you in ‘opt out’ danger with your subscribers.

Investigate the many advantages of an email management system, which will assist you in avoiding many of these pitfalls. These systems ensure you have a managed opt-in joining process, click through tracking (this records every time someone clicks on a link in your mail), bounce tracking and complete control of your mailing lists – to name but a few.

How To Send That Important Bulk Email Correctly

Sending a successful bulk email is easier than you think. It mainly requires following the rules of cyber etiquette. We have listed some of those rules for you:

  • There is no harm in asking, so request that your subscribers add your email address to their address book to ensure your messages are not deleted or blocked by their company’s security software.
  • Always, we cannot repeat this enough, always have an unsubscribe option in your email. We’re confident that it’s not necessary to point this out, but ensure that your unsubscribe link is functioning. If you are using an email management system, the unsubscribe link will automatically unsubscribe someone without your having to do anything. If you are maintaining your own list, it is important to comply with the request promptly to avoid antagonizing your subscriber.
  • Avoid going on and on and on in your email. Provide a précised version of your message in your email, with a link to the relevant content on your website. This will also generate visits to your website and increase the marketing potential of your email. This also goes for attachments. Attachments can be the kiss of death, especially if their size is too large. Rather create a link to your attachment on your website.
  • Include useful resources, tips, and information in your newsletters. The idea is to make your newsletter something your client would want to keep in a special folder or, the marketing gods willing, forward on to others. It is a good idea to include an ‘opt-in’ facility in your newsletter for just such an occasion.
  • You’ve wowed them with your content, and blown them away with your brilliance. Your readers are so impressed they want to drop what they’re doing and rush straight to your offices. Don’t make them hunt for your details. It’s a good idea to always include your company address and contact details in all electronic communication. This will also reassure new subscribers that you are not dispensing advice from a rickety desk in your uncle’s garage. A catchy first paragraph is always a crowd pleaser, along with a relevant subject line. As mentioned in the pitfalls above, avoid using clichéd subjects such as “Must Read Now” in lieu of more pertinent yet equally eye-catching subjects. The subject should capture the essence of your message as succinctly as possible.
  • Clearly identify yourself as the sender of the email. Suspicious readers are more like to prematurely delete emails from senders they do not immediately recognize. Create your sending name in your email programme in such a way that your name or that of your company is displayed to recipients of your email.

Why Bulk Emailing Might Be the Answer

Still not convinced that bulk emailing is a viable option for your company? While we agree that there are those out there who abuse the system, this does not mean that they have negated all the major benefits of bulk emailing.

  • When done correctly, this method of communication displays y our company logo and any other related branding in a prominent manner.
  • With the human tendency to pass on good information, the forwarding of your email could lead to unlimited access to potential new clients. This is known in certain circles as Viral Marketing.
  • Your message is delivered directly, providing a pro-active method of establishing a rapport with your clients. Email management systems afford the opportunity to personalize your email, enabling you to start your message with e.g., “Dear Jill” or “Dear Mr. Sprat” with just the click of a button.
  • Bulk emailing affords your company the opportunity of expanding its market beyond local and international boundaries in a way even Donald Trump would smile at. With over one billion internet users worldwide, the marketing potential is almost infinite.
  • Delivery of your message is instantaneous. No postage or delivery men are required, and therefore there is no delay in getting your voice heard.
  • Your message is available 24 hours a day and can’t become tattered or torn, or end up on the bottom of a cage of some unsuspecting African Grey.

Bulk emailing does require careful thought and planning in its institution as a viable source of advertising, but this can be said for any marketing strategy. Bulk emailing has the added advantage of being affordable in these economic times, as well as being a more direct link to your clients than any other form of communication. Email management systems are a great way to bypass most of the major impediments in making this tool part of your everyday approach to raising awareness of your company and the services you offer.

Bulk Emailing For Your Business
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