In today’s technically challenging environment, we rely on technology for our every need. We hear about backing up our data and nasty stories about what will happen if we do not. These stories include things like; theft, data corruption, fire and the worst one, your phone taking a swan dive from your pocket, into the toilet.

If you are lucky enough to have insurance, it will replace your hardware, like your phone and computer, but what about your data? How many hours will it take to recreate all those files, contacts, emails, etc? The worst is losing pictures and videos of your special memories.

If you are still not convinced, here are our top 5 reasons to backup your data:

1. Prevent Data Loss
One of the main reasons for having a backup plan is to save important files if a system crashes or hard drive failure occurs.

2. Taxes, Audits, and Archives
Most businesses are required to keep business records for an extended period of time. This is either for tax purposes or because of various regulations.

3. Get Up and Running Quickly
If there is a disaster, the first business up and running gain a competitive advantage over other businesses.

4. Time-Saving
Data loss takes time to fix. From something like rewriting an email to rebuilding an entire database. While you are trying to recover your data, you are not working on your business.

5. Downtime = Death
Keeping downtime to a minimum is critical for your business, up to 43% of businesses that undergo a major data loss never reopen.

So what do you do now? You know why you need backups, but how where and how do you go about backing up your data? There are many different options to backup your data. Such as;

1. External Hard Drives
External hard drives connect to the computer on the outside, e.g. solid-state drives, or SSDs and USB flash drives. External hard drives are easy to use, portable, and can store large amounts of data.

2. Backup in the Cloud
Backing up in the Cloud allows people to back up their data to a server in a different location. Users can access their data anytime on any device via the internet.

4. Online Backup Services
A service provider takes your data, encrypts it so that no one can mess with it and then stores it in a secure online location.

5. USB Flash Drives and DVD’s
If you need to store small amounts of data quickly or move it from A to B then this is a quick and convenient way to do so. If you are looking for long term backup then this should be avoided as USB’s can go missing and DVD’s can get damaged which will put you back at square one.

At The Way Forward we offer a comprehensive backup solution tailored to your needs. For more information contact us on: +27 72 724 4911 or email:


Top Five Reasons Why You Need to Backup Your Data
5 Reasons to Backup Your Data
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